Members in Perpetuity

Dedicated to their solemn memory and in honor and appreciation for their dedication and service to the Columbia City Ballet, the following persons are hereby named as Members in Perpetuity:

  • Ann Brodie, Founding Artistic Director
  • James Calvert, Board President
  • Naomi Calvert, Founding Director
  • Marvin Chernoff, Board President
  • Crawford Clarkson, Board Member
  • Jack Craft, Board Member
  • Carl Crosby, Principal Dancer
  • Johnny DeHart, Principal Dancer
  • Coralee Harris, Board President
  • Robert Kemsley, Assistant Composer
  • Michael Lland, Ballet Master
  • Serge Lavoie, Principal Dancer
  • Greg Leevy, Board Member
  • Donna Lewis, Ballet Mistress
  • Caroline Meyer, Benefactor
  • Swing Meyer, Board Member
  • Steve Morrison, Benefactor
  • Jim E. Quick, Character Actor
  • Thomas Semanski, Composer
  • Fred Sheheen, Board President
  • Alvin Strasburger, Board Member
  • Christopher B. Ray, Board President
  • Charles Butler, Board Member


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