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Camilo Herrera


Camilo began dancing at the age of ten years old in Colombia, South America at the Colombian Institute for Classical Ballet. He obtained a dance degree from Ballet-Centered, secondary and higher-level institutions where he learned from ballet masters Gloria Castro, Helena Cala, and María Elena Llorente of the National Ballet of Cuba.

Upon his graduation, he studied for two years at the Conservatorio de Valencia in Spain. Camilo also participated in the International Festival of Valencia in 2011 and received a full scholarship with Miami City Ballet in 2012. Camilo has performed professionally with the National Ballet of Colombia, Atlantic City Ballet in New Jersey, Montgomery Ballet in Alabama, and the Hinsdale Ballet Theatre in Chicago.

Mr. Cardenas has worked with international choreographers such as Rafael Darder, Ramon Oller Rolando Candia, Gonzalo Galguera and Alicia Amatrain. He has toured and performed in the Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Russia, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Germany and the US.