Practicing a few rules of etiquette will improve the enjoyment of the ballet for all members of courtesy and following the basic rules of etiquette will vastly improve the enjoyment of everyone’s theatre experience. Here are some guidelines for audience members:

  • Arrive early and ideally at least thirty minutes before curtain time. If you arrive late, you may not be able to take your seat until after the intermission.
  • The house will open for seating approximately thirty minutes prior to the performance time. You may take your seat in the theatre and feel free to engage in conversation until the pre-show announcements begin.
  • Dress nicely. While black tie is only required at certain gala performances and events, dressing up will greatly enhance your enjoyment of the evening. Avoid heavy perfume and cologne usage as many people have scent allergies.
  • Take note gentlemen; ladies should always enter the seating row first.
  • Do not leave early. It is disruptive to both the artists and audience. Wait for the house lights to come up before you exit the theatre.
  • Do not talk during the performance. Keep all attention on the stage, please.
  • Be courteous and sensitive to those around you. Avoid distracting your fellow audience members i.e. if you require hard candies or cough lozenges, unwrap them prior to curtain-up.
  • Place your cell phone on silent, and please do not use your phone to record the performance. Remember that flash photography is strictly prohibited as it can cause serious harm to the professional dancers. Please don’t check messages or the time using your phone during the performance. Your lighted screen is a major disruption.
  • Your applause is appreciated. You may also call out brava for female dancers and bravo for male dancers in addition to your applause.
  • Please enter the theatre promptly after intermissions. You may not be allowed to enter the theatre once the next act has begun.
  • Encourage other family and friends to attend a performance with you. Nothing increases the enjoyment of a ballet more than sharing it with others.
  • If you have any need or concern while in the theatre, seek out an usher for assistance.


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