South Carolina's Largest Performing Arts Organization Celebrates 60 Years!

Educational Outreach Program

When you are mapping your curricula for the 2021-2022 school year, consider including our acclaimed Educational Outreach Program in your science, math and language arts planning. Treat your students to a unique learning opportunity that transforms our ballet stage into your vibrant classroom!

Columbia City Ballet is celebrating the 31st anniversary year of its preeminent Educational Outreach Program. Columbia City Ballet Artistic Director William Starrett had the vision to develop curriculum-driven educational ballet performance experiences that would be accompanied by a teacher’s guide while choosing stories and topics that help our young people with today’s concerns and developmental needs. Correlated to South Carolina College-and-Career-Ready Standards, Visual and Performing Arts Standards and concepts of S.T.E.A.M., Columbia City Ballet’s Educational Outreach Program recognizes the relationship between the arts and academic success. All teachers’ guides will include a distance learning component.

We offer a wide spectrum of:

  • Artistic genres and disciplines
  • Different dance forms
  • Art history
  • Movement
  • Physical fitness
  • Music
  • Theatre etiquette
  • Stagecraft

Our Educational Outreach Program has:

  • 18,000 attendees each season
  • Garnered national attention
  • Received various awards for creative commitment
  • 31 years of educating children across the Southeast

Each ballet in the Educational Outreach Program is developed specifically as an educational component and all productions are accompanied by an educational guide with pre- and post-viewing strategies for your classroom allowing students to:

  • Broaden their cultural and global backgrounds when viewing performances of various genres originating from all parts of the world
  • Analyze, critique and communicate ideas presented in a different perspective
  • Increase their attention stamina for auditory and visual media
  • Understand the importance of manners and showing respect for others in social situations

Performances last approximately one hour and include audience participation and a Q&A session. Performances are narrated so each student has a clear understanding of the story and can fully appreciate the professional ballet of the Columbia City Ballet. Each performance features the professional dancers of Columbia City Ballet and the Company’s high artistic and production standards; however, these are not dress rehearsals that we open to the public. Our productions are specially made each season to:

  • Provide a deep understanding of the art form of ballet
  • Enhance the lives of every patron in attendance
  • Educate the community at the highest level each season
  • Obtain a greater knowledge and appreciation of ballet
  • Leave you yearning to learn more about the performing arts in Columbia

These dance experiences are not only a wonderful educational and cultural opportunity for your students, but also a superb value at only $6 per seat! Call the CCB Office at 803.799.7605 to reserve your class seats today! We are currently offering distance learning as well for schools.

*Reservations for fewer than ten people must be purchased at the door the day of the event.*

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