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Pointe Shoe Campaign

Did You Know That Company Dancers Go Through 18–25 Pairs of Pointe Shoes Per Year?

That’s nearly $2,000 in ballet shoes per year, per dancer totaling $50,000 for just our Company Dancers. Our Soloists and Ballerinas go through even more! Please help us keep our dancers safe and on pointe.

Columbia City Ballet’s Pointe Shoe Campaign was established in the 1997-1998 season due to the rapidly escalating cost of pointe shoes. CCB provides its dancers with shoes, but an average pair of pointe shoes costs approximately $80. A typical dancer goes through 18-25 pairs of shoes each season. With more than thirty professional dancers, it is a substantial expense.

The Pointe Shoe Campaign allows Columbia City Ballet’s dancers to have the resources they need to perform their best. By contributing to the Pointe Shoe Campaign, you are supporting the Columbia City Ballet, and you are literally placing the foundation of quality professional dance on our dancers’ feet!

Columbia City Ballet is proud to have Lexington Medical Center as our matching sponsor for the Pointe Shoe Campaign again for the 2020–2021 Performance Season! They will match each contribution to the Pointe Shoe Campaign dollar-for-dollar.

Like other athletes, dancers need the best equipment for peak performance, and your contribution makes a difference. All contributions are 100% tax-deductible, and sponsors will be listed in each production’s dancebill as a Pointe Shoe Contributor.

Levels of Support:

  • $10,000 – Shoes for all the Company Dancers for one production
  • $2,500 – Soloist’s shoes for one season
  • $2,000 – Company Dancer’s shoes for one season
  • $1,000 – Ballerina’s shoes for one production
  • $500 – Soloist’s shoes for one production
  • $320 – Four pairs of shoes
  • $160 – Two pairs of shoes
  • $80 – One pair of shoes

Any amount is greatly appreciated, and you can even specify which dancer you would like to provide shoes for!

For more information, please review the brochure. You can donate at the Patron’s Table in the lobby of one of our performances, or call the CCB Office at 803.799.7605 to make a donation.

2020-2021 Contributing Members:

  • Central Carolina Community Foundation
  • Christina Segarra
  • Clifford Schneider
  • Toni Elkins
  • Pink & Green Community
  • Helen Davis
  • Anne Sakara
  • Olivia Jones
  • Jonathan Pierce
  • Garland McWhirter
  • Dr. Gail Morrison
  • Steven Valder
  • Jared Smith

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